The Huxton Black Difference

Digital Finance. Personal Connections.

You don’t have to go it alone to save on investment management costs. At Huxton Black, we harness technology to simplify your portfolio and we pass the savings on to you. It’s that easy.

We give you the convenience, simplicity, and low-cost structure associated with digital financial solutions, without having to sacrifice a trusted relationship with experienced professionals.

Our team of industry veterans are available to help you achieve your goals and offer you more. More service, more products, more choices. All for less than ever before.

The Huxton Black Difference

Our Advantage

Lower Fees. Boost Returns.

Lower fees boost net portfolio returns. Your nest egg can benefit by as much as 43% over the long run by containing costs.**

Passive Diversification

Active managers fail to beat their benchmarks. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) that follow a benchmark create diversification, lower fees, and provide organic discipline for any investment program.

A Step Further with Smart Beta

History proves that companies with a track record of regular dividend increases perform better than those that don’t pay dividends. At Huxton Black we build our equity portfolio with a bias towards indexes focused on companies that have a good track record of increasing dividends.


Stocks & Bonds

Low cost portfolios that dramatically reduce portfolio management fees and improve your net returns.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance offers peace of mind and more advanced personal and corporate solutions can minimize taxes and maximize growth.*

Financial Planning

The best recipe for long-term financial success is a comprehensive financial plan.

Alternative Investments

Hedge funds, private equity and private debt are all examples of creative solutions that we can offer to accredited investors.

Real Estate

You don’t have to be a landlord to prosper in real estate. Our clients have options ranging from publicly traded REITs to early stage real estate financing.

Corporate Solutions

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory
Group Insurance & RRSP Solutions
Corporate Financing



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Call / Meet / On-line Chat

Connect with us in the way that’s most convenient for you. Find out how you can benefit from what we have to offer.

In-Person Sign up

One quick meeting is all it takes to determine the best solution for your unique needs.
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Financial Plan

Our dynamic process can be completed online or in person at your convenience.


We do the work to get you invested according to your personalized plan.


We keep an eye on the moving parts and re-balance your portfolio as necessary. You can always view your portfolio online.


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